Buying vs Renting

Buying vs. Renting

Is now the right time for you to buy a home?

You have many options to consider and choices to make. Buying a home is a big responsibility, financially and emotionally, but most people want to own a home. Home-ownership often is reffered to as “the American dream.” Why is it so special? Among the reasons, Real estate often is an excellent investment, perhaps the number one source of wealth-building for families.

Owning a home has many benefits.

 When you make a mortgage payment, you are building equity, and that’s an investment. Owning a home also qualifies you for tax benefits that may assist you in dealing with your new financial responsibilities, such as homeowner’s insurance, real estate taxes, and upkeep, which can be substantial. But given the freedom, stability, and security of owning your own home, they are definitely worth it. Owning  your own home also can be a great source of pride and stability.

 But homeownership may not be for everyone.

 It’s  a big financila commitment, starting with the initial shock of your purchase, including down payment and fees paid for title, the lender and others. Followed by years of  monthly mortgage payments, real estate taxes, property insurance and maintenance costs. When you decide to purchase a home, you accept responsibility for paying for these expenses. They are aditional costs to your monthly morgage payment and should be included in your budget estimates.

One of the advantages of renting is being generally free of most maintenance responsibilties and the flexibility of moving almost as soon as you decide. But by renting, you lose the chance to build equity, take advantage of tax benefits, and protect yourself against rent increases. Also, you may not be free to decorate without permission and may be at the mercy of the landlord for your housing needs. There are many considerations in choosing between renting buying.

  • Do you want to spend several years in a house and in a neighborhood?
  • Do you enjoy lawn and garden work?
  • Might you need to  move suddenly to care for family?
  • Do you want to keep your assets accessible in the bank, or do you want to invest long term in a home?

There are tax advantages to homeownership in both the long and short terms. The morgage interest and real estate taxes are tax deductible, which allows you to subtract part of your housing related expenses from your taxable income, which could reduce your tax bill. In many cases, the amount of money a renter spends on rent can be about the same as or less than the amount a homeowner spends on a  mortgage. With the tax benefit for homeowners, the savings can be significant.